Monday, October 1, 2012

Mystery Monday: who is she?

  Top row right: who is she? I bet she's related to me but I don't know how. On the bottom row left to right are my aunt Jessie, aunt Roxy, Great grandfather William "Ross"well Sampson and Great Grandmother Clarissa. On the second row my grandfather, Norvel "Ray", John "Woodard" Sampson, Aunt Mary and then --oops someone was there for dinner that day, walked in and stood with the others or whatever. I wish I knew who she was.  She seems to have a sly eye looking at the camera. Why didn't someone show me this picture when they could explain it. Ah--the frustrations of the genealogy world.


  1. How frustrating! I feel like a see a resemblance between the mystery woman and your great-grandmother. Could she be her younger sister? Perhaps not...she almost looks too young for that. But if it was a big family it is possible. Good luck!

  2. Fiance? Cousin? Surely these important photos weren't "open" to just anyone walking in off the street. She must be someone close that you haven't accounted for yet.