Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cousins Day

Today is Cousins Day and I keep finding them.I am blessed.  Being an only child, they've especially been important to me. I grew up knowing 3 first cousins, a few second cousins and many more farther down the line.My mother's parents visited a lot and they introduced me to them. I still find cousins I didn't know I had.  When I meet one, I enjoy getting to know them and finding out if we have the same grandparent or great parent, etc. Especially I enjoy sharing stories. After I was grown and married I met my father and then 7 first cousins through his brother. How great is that?  Genealogy, though,  has led to me finding even more cousins. In 2001 I met Wendy (of Jollett, etc.) We found out we were both related through the Jollett line of our family. I have enjoyed our on line friendship and our sharing of information. Cousins and friends are both valuable to me. Cousins, though,  have  family stories  that blend with mine  and that is priceless. Genealogy and cousins go hand in hand. I am blessed.


  1. I have enjoyed our online collaboration too. I hope we can chip away at some more walls.

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