Monday, July 23, 2012

Mystery Monday-Mysteries Come, Mysteries Go

Mysteries Come, Mysteries go.  Before 2001, I had an unsolved mystery with the Sampson family. My 3rd great grandparents, John and Clarissa Jollett Sampson were known to me,  as was the handed down story that they had traveled from Orange County,  Virginia in 1836 settle in Indiana. Their life before that trip was a mystery to me. What brought light to this mystery was a chain of events. First, we purchased our first computer. Second, after learning to use it, I began browsing genealogy sites. Third, and most important, I connected with Wendy Jollett. Her loose ends with Clarissa Jollett Sampson and Clarissa's brother James Jollett connected with my loose ends of the Orange County, Virginia story. I learned that my line of Sampsons and the Jolletts were close.  They were close by marriage (3 daughters--Clarissa, Sarah and Drada) married Sampson boys (John, William and George). They were close in distance. In fact, when land was divided up and sold to 3 of the Sampson boys by the parents John and Lucy, son William received land "where James Jollett now lives". The Jollett and Sampson men were witnesses together and signed road orders together. Mystery solved. Other mysteries remain. How did the Jolletts and Sampsons become so close--by showing up in the same area at the same time? Through some shirt tail kin?  Where did they come from ? Mysteries go; mysteries come.

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