Friday, July 27, 2012

Shopping Saturday: Sanford's trip to town

 The oral stories of  Sanford Woodard Sampson, my 2nd great grandfather, have been reaching  my ear lately. Sanford was the son of John and Clarissa Sampson who came on the trip in 1836 to find Indiana. He was 16 when the trip started and 30 when he first settled in Clay County, purchasing land that spring. According to the Clay County History book by William Travis, Sanford went on to become a respected and successful citizen.  He brought the first grain thresher to the area, was a farmer, plasterer and mechanic. He married for the first time in 1856 to Mary Jane Akers and with her had 10 children. He became a widower twice and was married 3 times. He built two  two-story houses for the family as the first one burned down. He owned a Hambletonian horse.  He lived until 1907 and was survived by his 3rd wife and 5 of his children.  Not long before his death the children began squabbling about the money he would be leaving. According to Ron Sampson and his source: the man who as a young neighbor  boy  went to town with Sanford, Sanford asked the boy to hitch up the wagon and take him to town. When in town Sanford went various places paying final expenses, making purchases, even buying an entire wagon load of whiskey. When he was satisfied with his purchases he took the boy to a store and told him to buy whatever he wanted. The boy had a spending spree. They both had a great time and went home with little left. There was nothing left to squabble over.  The punishment by the children?  The date on his tombstone has never been added.

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