Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Possible Sighting of Lucy?

   Possible sighting of Lucy Sampson? About a month ago I stumbled upon an ancestral tree of an Isaac Gregory. Isaac was married to John and Lucy's daughter, Lucy Sampson.  It showed a Louisa Ann Ralls marrying a John Sampson in Overwhartan Parrish, Stafford Virginia. I contacted the person with the tree  and have been studying the Ralls family. Louisa was the daughter of Captain John Ralls and Margaret Williams.  Louisa's brother received bounty land from his military service in western Virginia. The name Louisa and Lucy seem to be interchangeable sometimes. John and Lucy's daughter is called Lucy sometimes and Louisa in a census. Lucy (John Sr.'s wife), and John named their first child Lucy or Louisa and their son John and wife Clarissa named their first child Louisa.  Possible sighting of Lucy? I keep looking.


  1. I look forward to hearing more on this.

  2. Has anybody looked at the Stafford County Virginia Tithables: Quit Rents, Personal Property Taxes and Related Lists and Petitions 1723-1790, Vol 2 of a two-volume set book. I can't get my hands on them. This could tell us if a John Sampson was in Stafford County Va. Let me know at mssampson@msn.com

    Mark Sampson