Sunday, July 15, 2012

John and Lucy

So what do we know about this John and Lucy? We know that 1787 was the first time a John Sampson was listed in the rolls in that area and there continued to be one for over 40 years.  In 1794 he purchased 153 acres of land from Presley Thornton  of Caroline County for 30 pounds and 15 shillings. This land is in the area later to be named Greene County when Orange County is divided, shaded by the Blue Ridge Mountains,  close to Stanardsville. On June 22, 1797 this land was sold to Elijah, William and John Sampson for 5 shillings and divided between them. The sale is signed by John and Lucy Sampson.  Why did they sell what seems to be the only land they own to their sons?  Perhaps John Sr is not well ( He seems to have died by 1828)  or perhaps because Elijah is wanting to move to Tennessee and they want to keep him home. We don't know.  At any rate, son John Jr. seems likely to be my direct ancestor. More to come.


  1. Which area do you mean that John was first listed? Was that Orange or Culpeper or some other county in Virginia? I never can remember.

  2. He was first listed there in Heads of Families, Virginia Heads of Families in 1787. There was a John Sampson in Culpeper wrote a will in 1778.