Monday, July 16, 2012

I really didn't mean to cause a problem.

      I really didn't mean to cause a problem.  Last week I drove  to the Clay County  Indiana  Historical Society to do some family research. As I was researching, the volunteer asked  who I was looking for and she would help. "Clarissa Sampson who died in 1884", I replied. Now we were both  looking.  "Here she is!" she said. I had to say that yes it was a Clarissa Sampson and I was related to her but it was my 3rd great grandmother and I was looking for a 2nd great aunt.   We both looked a while longer. Again she exclaimed she had found her! I said that  that Clarissa Sampson was  my first great grandmother. I was  looking for the Clarissa Sampson who was my 2nd great aunt and the daughter of my 3rd great grandmother--born in 1822, died in 1884. "That can't be", she exclaimed! "If she's your 3rd great grandmother's daughter then her name can't be Sampson  if she's been married." I then set out to explain  that Aunt Clarissa had been married, married twice, first to Jacob Rodenbarger, and secondly 1 year before she died to her cousin Franklin Sampson who came out to Indiana from Virginia and married her!  So Clarissa went back to being Clarissa Sampson. The volunteer sat down. I really didn't mean to cause a problem.


  1. lol, I wish I could have seen the look on the librarians face after that explanation! Jill

  2. That's so funny. But you and I know that just about any search in our lines makes us want to sit down. You should send her Sarah and William Sampson. The volunteer would be asking for Xanax.