Monday, July 16, 2012

Mystery Monday

     So who was Lucy? She's a mystery and I've been looking for her pre Orange County Life for a long time. I don't know her maiden name for sure or where she and John came from. I know she has passed, but I continue looking. She was the wife of John Sampson of Orange County. I've never seen a marriage record for them that I'm sure was them. My cousin Wendy first brought her to my attention. Looking through censuses she saw a Lucy Sampson living next to other family members and asked "Who is this? Later we found the record of the sale of land to William, John and Elijah. While her husband died around 1828, Lucy is alive in the census of 1850, listed as born in Virginia, 87 years old and living with her are Thornton Gregory, her 30 year old grandson and granddaughter Ophelia Beasley  and her husband James. We know her best, though, that her descendants were fighting in court over deceased son Elijah's 3rd of the land. He had moved to Tennessee a long time ago and died there but his descendants took Lucy to court over the land. This was not resolved until 1857, after Lucy  died. Next post: a possible sighting.

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